What’s Your Addiction?

I run...for life!

I run…for life!

Raining and extra wet, or sun shining and super hot…I run. No matter what the weather, I run PERIOD, because running is my go to, it’s my workout addiction.  When I’m stressed, I run.  When I’m overwhelmed, I run. Breathing the fresh air with the wind on my face, while my feet hit the pavement and the music blares in my ears.  I do my best thinking and clear my head while I  run. I also meditate and pray.  No stress, no judgement, just me running free.

Although running is a great cardio workout, the truth is, I don’t really run to lose weight, burning calories is secondary, I run for sanity…so I can stay nice to the people I love.  I run because it’s my workout addiction.

What’s your’s?

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One response to “What’s Your Addiction?”

  1. ebonierika says :

    Walking/hiking/jogging in nature. Not strolling tho. Enough to get a workout but not too hard where I can’t get lost in thought.

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