Shake It Up…

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I’m looking for a great shake.  I want one that taste decent, provides some health benefits and will supplement my quest for a healthy life style.  (It would also be nice if it could assist me with my 7-pound weight loss goal).

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Confessions From a Former Diabetic…

high blood sugar

Insulin spikes…Yikes!

When I was 5 months pregnant, I went to the lab for a routine glucose test, I failed miserably.  I ended up having to stay for a longer test that consisted of drinking yucky orange soda stuff every hour for 3 hours and having my glucose level checked after each hour. This test apparently measures how well your body processes and controls your insulin levels. Once again, I failed it and not just by a little bit.  I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and needed to make an appointment with the diabetic nutritionist right away.  I had to change my diet immediately because the health and vitality of my baby depended upon the food choices I would make for the next 4 months.

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Diet VS. Vacation?

A large part of the standard vacation experience revolves around eating. Eating healthy and hotel living is certainly a challenge. How do you enjoy yourself, your family, and your vacation spot, while watching your intake?

What’s Your Addiction?

I run...for life!

I run…for life!

Raining and extra wet, or sun shining and super hot…I run. No matter what the weather, I run PERIOD, because running is my go to, it’s my workout addiction.   Read More…

Did You Eat Something That Grows?

Trade it for something that grows.

Trade it for something that grows.

At every meal, no matter what, you should have something that grows on your plate. This is a concept I taught my kids when they were little.

I would always ask them, “What are you going to eat that grows?”
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Fact: If you ke…

Fact: If you keep doing the same things, you will keep getting the same results! If you want different results, WHAT are you going to do differently and WHEN are you going to start doing it?

Calories, Treat ‘Em Like Money

CaloriesMoneyThink about it, if you have $1000 and you spend $2000, you will overdraw your account by $1000.  Weight loss is basically the same.  Each person needs so many calories to live, depending on their age, body weight, activity level, and metabolic rate.  You have to look at calories like money! You have a limited amount you can eat.  If you end up eating more than you have burned, you will have an excess and it will be stored as fat.  If you repeat this habit too often, you will have noticeable weight gain.

Find out how many calories you need a day by using an app, or online resource, then reduce your calorie intake in order to lose. Don’t forget to buy a scale to keep up with your weight.  You have the power to lose!

Lift For Life!

Add weights to tone your body!

Add weights to tone your body!

If you want to get ripped, cut know…toned, you’ve got to lift weights.  Even if they are only 2 lbs to 5 lbs a piece you can incorporate them into your normal routine. If you run, put them in your hands, if you do some type of aerobics or video work out, use them then.  You could buy a set, join your local YMCA, or gym and lift them there.  However you incorporate them, know that the benefits are amazing!

Oh My, It’s Donut, Cookies & Cake Time!

With celebrations come snacks…mostly the high fat and the sugar ladened kind. So what do you do when you go to graduations, promotions, receptions and end of the year celebrations? If you’ve eaten nutritious food and watched your calorie count, it won’t matter because you can have an occasional cookie, cake or donut.  But what if you haven’t?  How will you avoid the sugary delights?

Cookies can be avoided with a plan.

Cookies can be avoided with a plan.

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